It's not just your body... It's your life!

Start Talking offers super straight answers about:

      • How your body works- top to bottom, we cover it all

      • Feeling good, feeling fat, and everything in beween

      • Birth control, STDs, and what makes you a virgin

      • Sex- how to know when you're ready, and when you're not

      • Why just because you ask, doesn't mean you want to do it

      • Saying no and loving it- surprising reasons to wait

      • Fun ways to get close- from yoga mats to a day at the mall

      • Loving your body and living your life to the fullest

      • Getting what you want from life- right now and forever!

These are just five of the 113 questions answered in Start Talking: A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex, or Whatever.

From the time they start to notice boys, girls have hundreds of questions about their bodies, relationships, and everything else. As they start to reach puberty, the questions only increase. If moms are lucky, their daughters will turn to them for answers to their questions. But daughters are often embarrassed and reluctant to approach their moms for advice. Likewise, moms are often just as reluctant to talk to their daughters as their daughters are to talk to them about their developing bodies or attraction to others. As a result, girls turn to their friends and the mass media, or avoid the issues all together, creating greater problems for themselves in the future.

     To help both girls and their moms, psychotherapist Mary Jo Rapini (of TLC’s new series Big Medicine) and OBGYN nurse practitioner Janine J. Sherman have assembled more than 113 questions girls (and their moms) routinely ask—or should be asking—about topics ranging from periods and sex to bodily changes and dating. In Start Talking: A Girl’s Guide for You and Your Mom about Health, Sex, or Whatever (, $14.95) Rapini and Sherman share succinct yet lively answers, sample conversations, and real life stories that will help open the door to better mother/daughter communication.

     “Teens today, more than ever, face a myriad of issues involving sex and sexuality, self-esteem and body image,” they stress. “They need education; they need guidance; they need support to make the right decisions at the right time.”

    In addition to being women's health care providers, Rapini and Sherman are mothers with two daughters each. They know how difficult it can be to talk to daughters about personal changes, but they also know how critical it is to have an open and ongoing dialogue, saying, “Our goal is to inspire open communication between mothers and daughters—to generate memorable conversations and unforgettable table talks.” Start Talking  is lighthearted but definitely not lightweight, effectively engaging both mothers and daughters alike and providing helpful settings for beginning such “table talks”—ways to invite your mother or daughter into personal, meaningful conversations.

   Start Talking will give mothers and daughters the necessary tools to start those important conversation and strengthen their relationship.  Rapini and Sherman emphasize, “Putting the facts on the table and learning from one another may be the best gift a mother can give her daughter to protect her future health.


Start Talking contains more than 113 questions girls ask us every day about, well, everything: periods, sex, relationships, guys, eating, exercise, and more. There are also great ways to get your mom involved.

This book can be a fresh start for both of you. The truth is, daughters want to talk- to their moms. And, moms can learn how to listen-from their daughters. Start Talking is the place to start!